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Bold BIAsana Integration

Bold BI + Asana

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Install Asana for Bold BI

What is Bold BI?

With Bold BI, you can monitor the progress of important tasks in your projects over time by embedding Asana dashboards into your own application.

Choose projects, tasks, and engineers based on goals and campaigns, and get values for select key metrics by using different dashboard filters. Similarly, you can break down results about issues by status and assignee. Then, combine all of your relevant data sources—including sources like JIRA, Salesforce, and Office 365—to build an integrated dashboard displayable on mobile devices, laptops, TVs, and other large screens.

Get Bold BI + Asana

  1. Go to
  1. Click Get Started to begin your 15-day free trial.
  2. Choose the Asana data source from the list of connectors in Bold BI.
  3. Enter the Asana REST API endpoint and API token and click Connect.
  4. Now, you can create dashboards for your Asana data. You can also combine KPIs and metrics from relevant data sources like JIRA, Salesforce, and Google Calendar to create integrated dashboards.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Bold BI Asana integration, visit the Support Page or email their team at

This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support.

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