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Grow + Asana

Track your most important numbers and status from critical Asana projects. Create dashboards with open and closed tasks, team and project completion rates, and other data sources.

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Grow + Asana

  1. Set up your Grow account.
  2. Select 'Add Metric' and select Asana from the list of data sources.
  3. Click the blue 'Connect' button and login to Asana (Notice the URL is, you are not giving Grow your password, your data is safe and secure).
  4. Choose from the pre-built metrics like 'Overdue Tasks', 'Projects in Progress' or create your own.
  5. Start using Grow and Asana together!

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There are a few numbers that are critical to your business. Get them in front of your team to grow faster. Track your Asana project numbers side by side with data from your CRM, bank account, and marketing applications. Easily combine multiple data sources to a single KPI or metric and measure the results in real-time.

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