Zoho ConnectAsana Integration

Zoho Connect + Asana

Stay informed on task updates in Asana without leaving Zoho Connect.

What is Zoho Connect?

Zoho Connect is a modern intranet platform that unifies people with the information and tools they need to collaborate better and work together.

With The Zoho Connect + Asana integration you can:

  • Receive instant updates in your Zoho Connect Group whenever a task is created, assigned to someone, completed, or commented on in Asana.
  • Set deadlines and assign tasks without leaving Zoho Connect.

Get Zoho Connect + Asana

  1. Make sure you have active Zoho Connect and Asana accounts.
  2. Log in to the Zoho Connect web app.
  3. Click the plug icon from the menu in the right-hand corner.
  4. In the Integrations page, select Asana and click “Add Configuration.”
  5. To start using Asana, click “Authenticate your Asana account.” Then, follow on-screen instructions to log in to your Asana account.
  6. Once the authentication is complete, select the Group where the updates should be posted.
  7. Select the Asana workspace and the project from which you would like to receive updates.
  8. Click “Save.”
  9. Done!

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Zoho Connect + Asana integration, visit the Zoho Connect Support Page or email their team at support@zohoconnect.com

This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support.

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