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Bridge24Asana Integration

Bridge24 + Asana

Interactive display and filtering across projects; bulk download of attachments, formatted reports, interactive charts, and more

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About Bridge24

Bridge24 provides easy, powerful Asana reporting and exporting functionality. Dynamically view and filter tasks across all projects and produce formatted reports with totals. Create interactive charts and consult tasks via a powerful grid, calendar, and History area. Export to Excel or CSV all task information. Also, a power bulk File Download Manager is available to download into structured zip files all attachments residing inside Asana with an index.

Why connect Bridge24 and Asana?

With Bridge24, you’ll be able to quickly set up the reports that you and your team need, and/or export them out to produce them externally. Powerful features are included for planners, managers, and regular operational users alike.

Get Bridge24 + Asana

  1. Visit and sign up for an account.
  2. Navigate to Manage Connections and click on the Asana connect button.
  3. Authorize for Bridge24 to connect with Asana.

Feedback & Support

For more information, visit the Bridge24 blog or contact Bridge24 support.

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