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Tick + Asana

Add Tick time tracking to your workflow to help your team keep your Asana projects on time and under budget.

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What is Tick?

Tick is a simple time tracking software with real-time budget tracking. With the Asana and Tick integration, you can quickly import Asana projects into Tick. Then, assign project to your team, add budgets, and import tasks to gain all of Tick's time tracking and budget feedback features.

Bring Asana tasks and subtasks into Tick automatically. Each night, Tick will make sure that it has all of your Asana tasks so that your team can track their time directly to the task they are working on.

How to connect Tick and Asana

  1. Login to Tick as the "Account Owner"
  2. Go to Settings & Integrations
  3. Click Setup next to Asana and then Connect Tick to your Asana Account
  4. Login to your Asana account. You’ll want to use your Asana account’s owner’s login so the integration has access to all of your projects.
  5. Click Allow to grant Tick permission to import users, projects, and tasks from Asana.

You’ll be taken to a success page to let you know the integration is setup and working. From here you can import users, project, and tasks into Tick.

Feedback & Support

If you have questions, feedback, or feature requests for the Asana integration, read the full guide on Tick or contact their support team at

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