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Velocity + Asana

Improve your team's productivity by tracking actionable Asana metrics in a Velocity dashboard. You can create custom charts about your team's tasks, assignees, projects, and more.

Install Asana for Velocity
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Install Asana for Velocity

About Velocity

Velocity provides easy, powerful Asana reports, dashboards, and analytics. You can browse dozens of preset reports about your Asana data, create your own reports using a custom report builder, and create dashboards. You can share your reports via Excel, CSV, email notifications, a TV display mode, embeddable HTML, and more. To view your reports inside of Asana, you can also install our Chrome extension.

Why connect Velocity and Asana?

With Velocity, you can ensure that your team is being as productive as possible and that your projects are delivered on time. Whether you’re looking for quick simple insights using our preset reports, or looking to create customized, detailed reports using our advanced chart builder, you’ll be able to quickly set up the reports that you and your team need.

How to create Asana reports with Velocity

  1. Sign up for a free trial.
  2. Browse preset reports and create your own.

Learn more and get support

For help or support using the Velocity integration, contact their support team

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