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Kore + Asana

Kore allows you to communicate with apps just like you communicate with people. Create, edit, or delete Asana tasks or subtasks from a message in Kore.

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Kore + Asana

  1. Login to Kore at from the Mac and PC app or the iOS and Android app.
  2. From Kore, click on "Get Bots." Search for Asana and install the Asana bot.
  3. Click on "Open" and then "Connect to Asana" to authenticate and provide permissions to Kore.
  4. Click on "New task" to create, update, delete tasks, sub-tasks and more. Check here for more details
  5. Remember to install Asana in a room where your team can use it easily. Read more here.

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This solution is managed by Kore. For support issues, contact

Learn more about Kore here.

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