Conduit - Data Connector for SheetsAsana Integration

Conduit - Data Connector for Sheets + Asana

Use Conduit to easily export and sync data into Asana, Google Sheets, and data warehouses.

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Why use Conduit?

Simplify your workflow by connecting Asana with popular data sources like Shopify, Hubspot, or Zendesk. Conduit provides a user-friendly interface for exporting and syncing data into Asana, Google Sheets, and data warehouses.

Effortlessly transfer tasks, projects, and important information across platforms, eliminating manual data entry and improving collaboration. Experience the power of streamlined data integration, enabling you to focus on what matters most—achieving your project goals in Asana

Features Include

  1. 1-Click Connections
  2. Connect to your systems in one click. Pull your data instantly into Google Sheets.
  3. Customizable Imports
  4. Work with only the data you need. Filter, sort & limit any data set
  5. Auto-Refreshes
  6. Never build the same report twice. Automatically refresh your data on any schedule.
  7. Alerting
  8. Track the signals you care about. Trigger Slack & email notifications to your team on any changes in your data for any metric or cell
  9. Pre-Built Dashboards
  10. Leverage pre-built dashboards to effortlessly monitor and analyze your data

How to connect

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Conduit's Support

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