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Marketing project plan template

Our template guides you through project management best practices for marketing teams so you can get from strategy to tactics to results.

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[Product UI] Product marketing launch project overview report in Asana (Project Overview)

Turn your plans into action with our marketing project plan template

There are thousands of tools helping marketers craft their work and measure outcomes, but what about a tool to plan and manage that work? Without effective work management, marketing teams lose time and productivity by reinventing the wheel in spreadsheets, then reiterating the plan across dozens of emails and meetings. With our marketing project plan template, your team can kick off any project quickly, and manage it successfully with Asana for marketing and creative teams.

Try these tips to get the most out of our marketing project plan template:

  • Create repeatable processes. Starting from square one with every marketing project plan wastes time and opens your team up to mistakes. With our simple marketing plan template, you have a clear, repeatable process to get right to work.

  • Collaborate in one place. Great work is hard to achieve if everyone does it in a different tool. Asana stores all the steps, documentation, progress, and conversations around your work so it’s easy to find in one place. When your team has a central source of truth, work runs smoothly because everyone knows who’s doing what by when.

  • Integrate your marketing plan with your tech stack. Did you know workers use about 10 different tools per day? Switching between these tools isn’t just time-consuming—it also opens your team up to the possibility of losing work or communicating in the wrong place. Asana integrates with your favorite marketing business tools like Adobe Creative CloudGoogle DriveBoxOneDrive, and more.

Marketing projects you can manage with Asana

New to marketing projects in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do you make a marketing project plan? Your marketing project plan should be a detailed roadmap of your team’s overall marketing objectives—and how you’re planning on getting there. To create a stellar plan, start with our marketing project plan template. Use it to track your marketing efforts across all of your channels, including lead generation, product marketing, social media, and more. Share this central source of truth with all of your stakeholders, so everyone’s on the same page about your marketing timeline and strategy. To read more, check out our quick guide to creating a marketing plan.

  • How do you structure a marketing plan? Your marketing project plan should include various sections, like planning, overall marketing strategy, milestones, results, and any applicable marketing channels like social, web, sales, etc. Clarify how each initiative will support your larger strategy. With our marketing project plan template, you can view these initiatives in List View—like a to do list—or in Timeline View—a Gantt-style chart that gives your team insight into your full marketing timeline.

The best marketing teams run on Asana. Learn more about Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams or get started with our marketing project plan template today.

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