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Try our marketing strategy template to plan your goals, organize key resources, and clarify strategy owners—all in one place.

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Your marketing strategy is your team’s North Star. Yet more often than not, goals and opportunities get lost somewhere between strategy and execution. With a clear marketing plan and a central source of truth for all of your goals, key resources, and project owners, your marketing team can define each piece of your strategy, ensure there are clear owners, and tie strategy to tactics. Whether you’re creating a B2B or B2C marketing strategy, grow and scale your impact with our marketing strategy template.

  • Create actionable plans with clear owners. When your team knows who’s responsible for what, everyone has the clarity to get their best work done. Reduce work about work and ensure everyone knows who’s doing what by when. With our marketing strategy template, you can clarify which teammates are responsible for what tactics by assigning them tasks with context, deadlines, or attachments and adding these tasks to other Asana projects.
  • Post regular status updates. Once your strategy is mapped out, keep teammates in the loop by posting regular status updates—all from your marketing strategy project. Regular updates in Asana can lead to fewer but more effective meetings.
  • Track strategic projects in a portfolio. Track your most strategic projects together in a portfolio to get a high-level overview of progress across initiatives or to drill into the details to address risks.
  • Keep your goals accessible. It’s easy for goals to get lost in docs and email. Research shows that less than half of all global workers have clarity on how their work ladders up to their team’s strategy—but when they do, their motivation doubles. With Asana, you can connect your goals directly to your team’s individual work.

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New to marketing strategies in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is a marketing strategy? A marketing strategy is your team’s North Star for how you’ll reach and engage customers to grow your business. To be most effective, your marketing strategy should encompass measurable, time-bound, and specific initiatives. By connecting your team goals to your day-to-day work, you can keep your marketing strategy top of mind and stay tuned in on progress. Take our 20 minute marketing strategy academy course to learn more.
  • How can I create a marketing strategy? To create a marketing strategy, start by identifying your vision, initiatives, analysis, and optimization strategies. Then, use our marketing strategy template to share your plan with everyone involved and keep stakeholders looped in on progress.

Too often, our marketing strategy is disconnected from the work individual contributors are doing. But when your marketing team runs on Asana, you can provide clarity and context from marketing brief to execution—right where work happens. Learn more about Asana for Marketing and Creative teams, or get started with our marketing strategy template today.

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