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HR project plan template

No matter the project, human resources teams can use our template to set priorities, track progress, and streamline recurring work.

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How to plan and manage HR projects with our template

Today’s human resources teams don’t just handle payroll, onboarding, and offboarding. They’re also responsible for a wide range of projects and internal processes to ensure the success of every employee. But without a central system for managing work and priorities, HR teams struggle to keep up with everything on their plate. Fortunately, a work management tool like Asana can help HR teams track work progress, scale processes, and stay aligned with less effort. Try our HR project plan template—and the following tips–to get started:

  • Streamline recurring work. Establish repeatable processes for common HR workflows—such as quarterly planning or review cycles—so you can spend less time planning work and more time getting it done.

  • Set team priorities. Make sure everyone knows which tasks are mission-critical, and which are nice-to-haves, by defining and prioritizing goals across your team.

  • Communicate progress. Track and share updates in one place (like Asana) to keep everyone on the same page without the endless email threads.

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