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RFP process template

Use our template to prepare an RFP, then organize and evaluate the responses—all in the same place—so you can pick the best vendor for the job.

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[Old product ui] Request for proposal RFP template in Asana, spreadsheet-style project view (List)

Tips for managing an RFP process with our template

  • Get feedback before sending. Get feedback from teammates to ensure your RFP is thorough, clear, and asks the right questions.

  • Make it simple for responders. Create a response form so responders provide you with all the information you need up front, in the right format—with out all the back and forth.

  • Save time with templates. Instead of reinventing the wheel, save time with templates across the organization based on what types of RFPs you're sending out.

  • Manage actionable emails. Turn actionable emails with responders into Asana tasks with deadlines and context so you don't forget or lose track of important information in your inbox.

From RFP to ROI

Asana keeps teams organized in the search to find the best agencies, and keep projects on track once they select a winner.

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