Operations project plan

Operations teams strive to optimize and gain efficiency across the business, and can do the same for their own projects with our template.

Tips for project managing operations work with our template

With all the cross-functional workflows and internal processes to manage, tracking progress and recurring work is a must for any operations team. Yet many operations teams are bogged down by cumbersome planning spreadsheets and docs. Our template gives you a simple structure to start any project quickly. Paired with the power of managing that work in Asana, ops teams can gain visibility and efficiency at the same time. Here’s how:

  • Templatize recurring work. Asana makes it easy to document processes. Then when you’re ready to get to work, you know you’re following the right steps, and can turn your plan into action with a few clicks.
  • Streamline communication. Working across teams and vendors makes it easy to lose track of conversations or waste time managing them via email. Asana keeps questions and conversations in context with work.
  • Keep everyone accountable. Make it clear who’s doing what by when, and keep important documents and expectations all in one place.
  • Shift gears when plans change. Even the perfect plan might need to be optimized along the way. Visualize all your to-dos on a calendar—and easily move them around if plans change without slowing down.

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