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A clear agenda is a must for any meeting. Use and adapt this template to create an agenda for any meeting.

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[Templates] Meeting Agenda (Card)

Plan and manage your meetings with our meeting agenda template

Start your meetings off on the right foot with our meeting agenda template. Keep meetings focused and productive, capture action items, and coordinate “offline” work—all in one place. Start a project with our meeting agenda example template today.

To build your next meeting agenda, use this sample meeting agenda template and tips to adapt it for your needs:

  • List out your discussion topics and talking points. Create a task (or tasks) to capture what you’re covering in your meeting. You can create new tasks within your meeting agenda project, or add existing tasks from other projects to discuss and share. Either way, make sure to include details in the description, so everyone is coming to the meeting prepared.

  • Assign talking points to attendees. Even though you might be leading the meeting, you might want to have others cover certain talking points. Identify who will be talking about what, and give them a heads up in your meeting agenda project in case they need to prepare in advance.

  • Include the meeting goal. Get your meeting attendees in the right frame of mind by setting and clearly communicating what you intend to get out of the meeting. What do you want to discuss? What results do you need from that discussion? Why is this specific group of people present?

  • Share it with attendees in advance. Before your meeting, share your agenda with attendees so they know what you plan to discuss and, once the meeting begins, you all can jump right into resources.

Examples of meeting agendas you can plan with Asana

New to meeting agendas in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is the purpose of a meeting agenda? A meeting agenda captures your team’s goals, talking points, and action items for a one-off or recurring meeting. For best results, share your meeting agenda with your team, so they can prepare for the meeting and work on action items once the meeting is over.

  • What should be included in a meeting agenda? Your meeting agenda should have sections for your different agenda items. For example, you might create sections like “To discuss,” “Action items,” and “Reference.” With an Asana meeting agenda template, you can also drag and drop tasks to put them in the right order.

  • How do I write a meeting agenda? When you plan meeting agendas in Asana, anyone on your team can add discussion topics. Based on those tasks, you can easily prioritize topics as needed, and then share the agenda in advance so everyone on your team can come prepared. You can also create a section for action items to execute on after the meeting is over.

  • How can I create an agenda for an effective meeting? Make your meeting agenda actionable by creating it as a project in Asana. That way, every item is a task with a due date and assignee. Keep work from falling through the cracks by providing clarity on who’s doing what by when.

Also, consider where you’re hosting your meeting agenda. By housing it in a collaborative work management tool, such as Asana, you can invite teammates to view and add to your meeting agenda in advance and add action items to follow up on later. Get started with a meeting agenda template today.

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