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Hosting a conference? Set your conference schedule and make sure attendees know where to go and when with this easy to use conference agenda template.

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Stay on schedule with our conference agenda template

Making a conference look effortless takes a lot of work—and in order to pull off a well-planned event, conference planners need to be looking several steps ahead. But if your conference itinerary isn’t mapped out well, you might end up with poor timing and unhappy attendees. With our conference agenda template, you have a dynamic schedule with multiple views that helps you keep track of every moving piece and keep your vendors, speakers, and teammates in the loop. Don’t just make your conference look effortless—make it feel effortless, too.

  • Stay on schedule, down to the minute. Clarify deadlines and keep your conference itinerary on track with task due dates and times. Or, set dependencies to get notified when the task you were waiting on is complete.

  • Share one central source of truth. Keep everyone on the same page with our conference agenda template. And, with different project views like timeline, boards, lists, or calendar, everyone can see their to-dos in the way that works best for them.

  • Integrate all of your must-have tools in one place. Asana integrates with all of your favorite business tools so you have one mission control center for the entire event. From actionable Slack messages to last-minute attachments, everyone can find what they need with our conference agenda template. Did your speaker forget to print their notes? No problem. Attaching files to conference agenda items makes it easy for anyone to access them quickly.

  • Access your agenda from anywhere. While you’re onsite at the event, our mobile app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, without opening several other apps.

Types of conferences you can plan with Asana

  • Virtual conferences

  • One day conferences

  • Multi-day conferences

  • Yearly conferences

  • Press conferences

  • Workshop conferences

New to conference agendas in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How can I create a conference agenda? To create a conference agenda, start with our conference agenda template. Use your conference agenda to track all of your day-of plans, like who’s speaking when, which event planner is helping to set up, and whether a technician is needed or not.

  • How can I plan a conference agenda? Your conference agenda, among other things, should serve as your conference itinerary to help you keep your event on track and running smoothly. With our conference agenda template, you can create custom fields for the location a room a speaker might be presenting in, the time the presentation goes on for, any technical needs a speaker might have, and who’s helping them set up.

Your conference agenda is the backbone of your event so you can keep everyone aligned and on time. Deliver a flawless conference flow for attendees—get started creating your conference agenda template in Asana today.

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