Start Dates and Start Times

Start dates and start times are Asana Premium Features that enable teams with complex workflows to effectively schedule tasks across multiple days or even down to the minute.

Setting, tracking and managing tasks and projects on a minute by minute basis can help align your team's objectives, as well as prevent tasks and dependencies from falling through the cracks. Start times and dates also allow for teams to see and understand how long the task at hand should take to complete.

Start times and dates are both available for tasks. Start dates are available for projects.

Task start dates

start date

To add a start date:

  1. Click on the Due Date field within the task
  2. Click on or type in a due date.
  3. Click on or type in your desired start date to the left of the due date.

Now that you have chosen both your start and due dates, your date range will be included in the task.

By default, you will first be given the option to select a due date. If you set a start date before setting a due date, the date will automatically adopt the same date as the start date.

date range

Task start times

Setting task start and due times is an incredibly effective way of keeping your team informed on when exactly tasks should be completed.

Once you have chosen your dates, click on the Add time icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the date picker screen. This will automatically prompt you towards a due time with a corresponding start time.

date range

Additional Start Time Options

additional options

From the date picker screen, you can also:

  1. Remove Time
  2. Set your task to repeat
  3. Clear all

Task Dates will default to todays date if:

  1. You set a start time without a date or a due time
  2. You set a start and due time without a date
  3. You remove the due date after the time range is set
  4. You only set a start time or start date

Project Start Dates

Project start dates are also an Asana Premium Feature and can be scheduled across multiple days.

Project start date

To add a date range to your project:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the project in question
  2. Select Edit project details

Project start date range

Once in Project Details, you will be given the option to choose both the start date and due date for that particular project.

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