Calendar View

View your project’s Calendar to keep track of important deadlines and milestones happening within that project. You can also use team calendars for a greater overview.

Access a project’s Calendar:

  1. Select the project from the sidebarsidebar Use the sidebar to navigate to the dashboard, starred items, projects, and teams. The sidebar can be collapsed. Read more
  2. Click Calendar from the headerheader The header is part of the user interface between the top bar and the main pane and lets users navigate projects. Read more

Only tasks with due dates that are associated with the project will show in the project Calendar.

Mark tasks complete


To mark a task complete:

Hover over the task’s name and click the checkmark icon.

Drag & drop to change due dates

Change a task’s due datedue date The date that a task or subtask is due. Read more from the Calendar by dragging and dropping it to another day.

Select any task in a Calendar and drag it to another date.

Create tasks in Calendar

To create a task in a Calendar, click the empty space on a given date and a task editor will pop up.

Fill out the fields for your task and then click away from the pop up or click the X at the top right to finish. Your new task will then appear on the Calendar.

Adjust date ranges

We only show the dates on a Calendar that fit in your browser, typically about a month.

To change the range in your view, scroll up or down, or select a date range from the menu at the top right of the Calendar.

Click the Today button to jump back to the present week and month

Expand and collapse busy days

If there are multiple tasks with the same due date, the list of tasks will be truncated on your Calendar.

To expand the list of tasks:

Click the n more… button.

Click the bottom of the expanded list to collapse it again.

Hide and show weekends

If you regularly work over the weekends, expand them to show on your Calendar. Simply hover over a weekend day and click it, or click the Show Weekends link at the top right of the Calendar.

To show weekends:

Hover over a weekend date and select Show Weekends.

To hide weekends again, hover over a weekend day and select Hide Weekends.

If you want the Calendar to always show weekends, save the Calendar View with weekends showing as your default viewdefault view How a project appear by default. Users can customize this view for each project. Read more .  

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