Boards layout

Boards let you organize your work like sticky notes that you can move across columns. They give you a clean, visual overview, with all the same power of a project in List View. Add items to your board, then drag and drop to move work around or track it through multiple stages.

Create a board project

Create a board view for your project

Create a new project by clicking the + button from your project list in the sidebar, or the orange + button in your top bar. Select Board as your project layout.

It’s not yet possible to change your project layout once the project has been created. You can multi-home existing tasks to a new project with boards layout.

Create columns

Get started by adding columns

Click Add Columns to get started in a new project. Use columns as categories to group related work or as stages like “Ready”, “In Progress”, and “Done” to track a specific workflow.

Add ideas, tasks, goals, and more

Add tasks to a boards project in Asana

Add tasks to your columns using the + button underneath the column name. You can click to expand tasks within a column for more details.

Drag and drop

You can drag and drop tasks and columns to reorganize your work or move it through stages. Project members can rearrange tasks as needed, and followers will get updates when tasks move columns so all members stay on the same page.

Create new tasks with the plus button, then drag and drop them to the appropriate column and assign and give a due date

Manage columns

Move, rename, delete, and add columns as your work progresses.

Add columns to your board project

Click Add column to the right of existing columns to add to your project.

Rename and delete columns

Manage columns in Asana boards project

To edit the column name or remove it:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow beside the column title
  2. Rename the column
  3. Delete the column

Columns need to be empty in order to delete them.

Filtering tasks

Choose which tasks appear on your board layout.

Filtering tasks in boards project

To filter your tasks:

  1. Click the View link
  2. Choose to view incomplete tasks, completed tasks or tasks completed within a certain time frame

Learn more

Check out our How to Asana video for more pointers about using boards.

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