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Board meeting agenda template

Bad meetings can happen to anyone, even your board of directors. With our board meeting agenda template, drive your meetings (and mission) forward.

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Tips for planning your next meeting with our board meeting agenda template

Board members often serve on the board in addition to working full-time jobs. So any extra time spent organizing a board meeting, coordinating through email, or rooting through spreadsheets impacts the time the board has to discuss important issues. With our board meeting agenda template, you can plan more effective meetings and make action items clear. Help your board of directors save time and get organized, so they can do the work that really matters with the resources they already have.

With our board meeting agenda template, you can:

  • Share the agenda ahead of time. Meetings fail when it’s not clear what needs to be discussed and why. With our board meeting agenda template, you have an organized structure that’s easy to share and add agenda items to.

  • Track action items that arise. Nothing’s worse than discussing what needs to happen next, only to leave the meeting and forget those to-do’s. Asana can help your board of directors stay accountable and track who needs to do what by when.

  • Store important information. Use your board meeting agenda template to store important information, such as reference docs, past meeting minutes, bylaws, and committee reports all in one place. No more lost email attachments!

Examples of board meetings you can plan with Asana:

  • Nonprofit board meeting agenda

  • Board of directors meeting

  • Minutes meeting agenda

New to board meetings in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do I create an agenda for a board meeting? With our board meeting agenda template, you have an example of all of the sections you need in your board meeting agenda. Before the meeting, create a space for suggested meeting topics. Then, set the agenda, and make sure to include agenda items like introductions and action items. Finally, track reference documentation or upcoming meetings in the same place, so the board of directors can access all of the information they need from the board meeting agenda.

  • Who prepares the agenda for a board meeting? The person in charge of preparing the board meeting agenda varies from company to company. No matter who is in charge, sharing your board meeting agenda template ahead of time gives everyone on the board agency to add suggested topics, prepare for the meeting in advance, and track action items.

  • How do you take minutes in a board meeting? Minute meetings are the written record of everything that happens during a board meeting. These are frequently used for reference, and they can help fill in any board members who missed the meeting. Make sure to finalize your agenda before the board meeting, so you can create a minutes template and outline beforehand. Then, during the meeting, take notes of everything that happens. With our board meeting agenda template, you can turn minute meetings into action items, so no work stalls or falls through the cracks.

Help your board make a bigger impact by taking one small step. Get started with our board meeting agenda template today.

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