Asana for Nonprofits

Take advantage of Asana's work management software and our people—to easily coordinate all your team's work.

Asana Nonprofit Discount offers eligible nonprofit organizations affordable access to Asana technology.

Technology and enablement

Nonprofit organizations are often asked to do a lot with only a little.

We want to help you do more with more.

To ensure your organization's long–term success, you need the best technology and access to experts. Then, you can focus on finding solutions that help you fulfill your mission.

In partnership with TechSoup, eligible nonprofits can receive a 50% discount on Asana Premium or Asana Business.
Asana Nonprofit Discount

For nonprofits with big missions but not–as–big budgets

Eligible nonprofits can receive a 50% discount on Asana Premium or Asana Business.

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Nonprofits succeed with Asana

Thousands of nonprofits have already achieved success with Asana. Here are a few of their stories — we can’t wait to tell yours.

Asana has changed our perspective on project management: Rather than taking one step at a time, with Asana we have a bird’s-eye view of the project and can visualize the end goal.

Sarah Fonseca — Communications Officer

By managing our content and social media calendars in Asana, we’ve achieved a 190% increase in blog views and have seen a 175% increase in social referrals.

Mary Atwater — Digital Media Manager

I remember learning about the nonprofit discount and thinking, ‘We can unlock all of this functionality and stay within our budget — we’re doing this.’

Amy Sample Ward — CEO

We’re more efficient, so more of supporters’ money is spent on conservation needs. More whales and dolphins will survive and flourish because of Asana.

Chris Butler-Stroud — Chief Executive

We couldn’t have grown to a second location if we hadn’t streamlined and scaled our operating processes with Asana.

Gabe Middleton — Founder

Before Asana, my time was spent managing requests, collecting status updates—instead of strategy or design. Now I save time because I have all the information I need up front and in one place.

Roxane Chicoine — Creative Director

For our 2019 Summer Games, we were able to produce the event and marketing assets in half the time while creating a more memorable experience for our athletes.

Abe Cruz — Senior Manager of Design

Using Asana, we can see our progress, stay aligned with stakeholders, keep on track towards our goals, and achieve them faster.

Ryan Conlin — Chief of Staff

Asana helps me keep my team’s workload balanced and helps us have informed discussions with stakeholders about timelines and work progress.

Josh Russo — Digital Optimisation Manager

Asana makes it possible for each person to respond during their workday, and the question, idea, or assignment doesn’t get buried in an email inbox.

Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes — Co-Founder and CEO

Asana is a big help for us to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Even the smaller steps of our process are in Asana—little details are the key to a successful event.

Suzan van den Berg — Exhibitions Coordinator

With Asana, we’re able to identify 10% more new grant prospects and achieve 17% funding growth because our work is more centralized, coordinated, and efficient.

Stephen Danner — Director of Development

Asana is flexible to the methodology we use for different projects—we can do things in List view, Timeline, Calendars, and Boards.

Joe Moran — Director of Content Operations

Using Asana empowers us to focus on the big systems and broad strokes of change we want to impact—instead of trying to solve every tiny issue.

Shani Tucker — Graphic Designer

Our communication as a leadership team immediately improved when we began tracking our weekly goals in Asana.

Skyler Badenoch — CEO

When you let silos develop — that’s the worst possible way of working. Asana gives us a single platform across every team to share work, communicate, and follow up with each other.

Bill Crim — CEO

We’re able to do more with Asana because it holds every team member accountable, helps us track the status of work, and eliminates the need for constant check-ins.

Danny Mendoza — Founder and CEO

We saw the results of our streamlined collaboration process for emergencies immediately after the earthquake in Pakistan.

Yusra Rizwan — Human Resources Manager

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