Use subtasks to break up the work of a task into smaller parts or to help divide up the work among multiple people.

Create Subtasks

To create a subtask:

  • Click the subtasks button next to the due date field in the right pane
  • Or, press Tab+S on your keyboard after you select a parent task
  • After you’ve created one subtask, select the subtask and press Enter on your keyboard to create another

Subtask Details

Subtasks function like independent tasks with all the same fields as a parent task, the only difference is that they’re embedded within a parent task.

CompletingCompleting To mark a task with a checkmark to indicate that it is done. Read more a parent task will not complete the subtasks within it, they will need to be completed separately and will remain greyed out within the parent task when completed.

subtask details

To access and modify a subtask’s details:

Click the chat bubble icon next to the subtask’s name.

If a subtask contains comments, you’ll see the bubble icon with a number next to it.

In the subtask details, you’ll see all the options you’d have for a parent task, including the ability to create more subtasks.

When viewing a subtask’s details, notice the parent task’s name appears above the subtask’s name. Click the parent task’s name near the top of the right paneright pane The right pane holds the details of a task or Conversation. Read more to return to the parent task’s details.

If you’d like to add custom fields to a subtask, the subtask must first be manually added to a project.

Subtask & Project Association

When a subtask is created, it does not inherit its parent task’s assignee, due date, nor is it directly associated with the project. Subtasks are not visible in the project’s list viewlist view Displays your tasks in a list. List view is the default view for My Tasks, projects, and search views. Read more , Calendar ViewCalendar View Lets you see tasks with due dates on a calendar. Users can use Calendar View on My Tasks, a project, a search view, or on a whole team. Read more , or progress chartprogress chart A burnup chart that shows contrasts a project's incomplete and complete tasks over time. Read more unless the subtask is explicitly added to the project.

Associate a project to a subtask:

  • Click the chat bubble to open up the subtask’s details
  • Click the Task Actions button
  • Select Add to Project from the dropdown menu
  • Type the name of the project you wish to add the subtask to

Press Tab+P on your keyboard to focus on the subtask’s project field.

Once the subtask is associated with a project:

  1. The subtask will appear in the project’s list of tasks
  2. The project’s name will appear in the subtask’s details

The subtask will also be reflected in the project’s Files, Progress, and Calendar Views.  

Subtasks Permissions

Subtasks are visible to anyone who can see the parent task. Learn more about permissions in the permissionspermissions Permissions are options that limit access to a Team, project, or task. Read more section of the Guide.

Convert Tasks into Subtasks (and Vice Versa)

To convert a task into a subtask:

  • Click the task you want as the new parent task to load its details in the right paneright pane The right pane holds the details of a task or Conversation. Read more
  • Click and drag the task you want to convert into the subtasks section of the open right pane of the new parent

In order to convert a task into a subtask, both tasks must be in the same list in the main pane (a project, tag, or a My Tasks list).

You can also do the reverse to convert a subtask to a task.

You cannot drag a parent task into its own subtasks.

Delete Subtasks

To delete a subtask:

  1. Click on the subtask you want to delete
  2. Click the three dot icon
  3. Select Delete Selected Subtask

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