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[Team] Managers (Hero)

Help your team move faster—together

No matter what team you lead, Asana can help simplify cross-functional collaboration so you can deliver better business results sooner.

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Why Asana?

Asana can increase your team’s satisfaction and help employees deliver impactful work faster, according to IDC.¹

[Teams] 72% Marketing (stat)

 improvement in employee satisfaction

[Teams] 54% Marketing (stat)

faster to complete business processes

[Teams] 41% Marketing (stat)

more projects delivered on time

Align teams and accomplish goals

Remove clarity blockers and connect your team in one place, so they can do better work faster than ever.

[Team] Managers - Align on and carry out top priorities
Align on and carry out top priorities

Share status updates, move through milestones, and keep everyone on the same page as projects progress.

Track your team’s work
[Teams] Managers - Clarify deadlines and ownership
Clarify deadlines and ownership

Map out your project plan, assign task owners and due dates, and highlight dependencies, so everyone knows how work connects.

See how work fits together
[Teams] Managers - Monitor capacity at-a-glance
Monitor capacity at-a-glance

Get a complete picture of team capacity and keep an eye on deadlines and resourcing, so you can spot trouble before it starts.

Get a window into team workload
[Teams] Managers - Connect to the work that matters
Connect to the work that matters

Enable your team to coordinate work, comment on tasks, respond to requests, and view project updates directly from their Asana Inbox.

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[Teams] Managers - Track your team initiatives in one place
Track your team initiatives in one place

Keep objectives on track—or update them as needed—by quickly viewing project status, progress, and priority.

Monitor all your projects

Give your metrics meaning

Create clarity and drive measurable results by connecting your team’s day-to-day work to organizational goals.

Align behind objectives

Kickstart your best work

Automate and scale processes so your team can focus on critical work that drives business and delivers impact.

Create connected processes
Create connected processes

Reduce inconsistencies and create more efficient workflows so your team can get started on important work, without missing a beat.

Build better workflows
Say goodbye to tedious tasks
Say goodbye to tedious tasks

Free up your team’s time for business-critical objectives and deliver results faster by automating repetitive work.

Templatize common workflows
Templatize common workflows

Establish repeatable processes with reusable project templates—and ensure your team works smoothly, every time.

We’re able to do more with Asana because it holds every team member accountable, helps us track the status of work, and eliminates the need for constant check-ins.

-Danny Mendoza

Founder, Together We Rise

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Asana moves us from discussing what needs to be done to doing it. We know what actions to take, when, where, and by whom.

—Mauro Portela

Managing Director of Global One Danone Business Services MDM Operations, Danone

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Asana gives us a common understanding about what needs to be done, so we can reduce the time we spend on admin and organizing — and focus on work that’s impactful in the field.

—Caroline Abid

EU SWM Program Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society

When you're moving this fast as an organization, it’s important to be on the same page and have a centralized tool to hold people accountable.

—Marc Seitz

Senior Security Program Manager, Threat and Vulnerability Management, Zoom


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Recognized as a leader by experts

Recognized as a leader by experts

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