Set ambitious goals. Accomplish them smoothly.

Asana Workflows connect the right people to the right data at the right time. So your teams can focus on accomplishing the work that matters.

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Prioritize and assign work around common goals

Organize around a single source of truth to help your teams break down silos and work together better.

Move work forward together, without delays

Gain focus and make more progress on the work that matters by eliminating the tedious busywork and bottlenecks.

Know what’s happening and make changes that matter

Get real-time, actionable insights on how your team and projects are performing. Then provide support right when it’s needed.

Workflow solutions that help your teams meet goals

From kickoff to sign-off, you can be confident your team will deliver better results faster.

Creative Production

From video editing to creating animations to web development and beyond, our creative production workflows help your teams brainstorm, produce, and distribute with ease.

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Request Tracking

From legal reviews to workplace requests, to customer feedback, to lunch orders, our request tracking workflows can help your teams collect, organize, and deploy all types of requests without missing a beat.

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Campaign Management

From social media to email, ads and beyond, our campaign management workflows can help your teams create, launch, and measure campaigns that make you proud.

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Company wide

Give employees the clarity they need to meet their goals and find purpose in their work.

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Track design workflows and requests to stay organized and spend more time creating.


Plan and manage your product launches in Asana, so you can ship on time.

IT Departments

Manage everything from help desk requests to opening a new office.


Stay on top of strategic planning, project progress, and employee workloads with Asana.

Human Resources

From interviewing to onboarding, track HR and recruiting workflows with Asana.


Track growth projection planning, budget meetings, and everyday work in Asana.


Plan your sprints, track bugs, and centralize feedback in Asana.

Event planners

Whether your next event has ten or 10,000 attendees, use Asana to plan every detail.

Asana Scale: Watch the replay

Our Scale enterprise event is now over, but you can watch here anytime on-demand. Learn to work together and go anywhere.

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More than 100,000 paying customers across 190 countries use Asana to run their workflows

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  • Editorial Calendar
  • Product Launch
  • Objectives Planning
  • Sales Deal Support
  • Return to Office
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Account Tracking
  • Onboarding