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Engineer better processes

Tackle sprint planning, product roadmaps, new feature launches, and bug tracking right in Asana. 

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Why Asana?

With Asana, employees are more productive, more satisfied, and deliver more projects on time, according to IDC.¹

[Teams] 54% Marketing (stat)

faster to complete business processes

[Teams] 41% Marketing (stat)

more projects delivered on time

[Teams] 72% Marketing (stat)

 improvement in employee satisfaction

Agile solutions for agile teams

Centralize technical and non-technical information, standardize your workflows, and improve visibility across teams.

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Organize everything

File and track bugs, monitor large deployments, and build better products in one central location.

Keep track of your initiatives
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Plan better sprints

Give your team clarity by mapping out milestones, setting launch dates, and assigning owners to tasks.

Visualize your progress
Build smarter workflows

Standardize your engineering processes so teams can move forward confidently and push to production faster.

Create connection
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Simplify the intake process

Capture key details related to bug tracking, product feedback, and work requests, so you can quickly take action.

Manage incoming work
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Connect your tools

Keep your engineering and business teams aligned with business-critical integrations that connect across functions.

Work as one

Level up your roadmap

Link your strategic plan to high-level organizational goals, so everyone knows how their work ladders up to them.

Connect work to goals
Asana has enabled us to successfully scale our development department to five times its original size while also keeping everyone aligned on the product roadmap and company strategy.

-Jes Tækker Stemann Brinch

CEO & Founder, Zenegy

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Asana provides organization and transparency in a very effective and educational way. We don't have to go ask somebody how things are progressing; we can simply look at Asana, dig in, and figure out exactly what our team members are working on.

–Soe Oo

Founder and Principal, Secunetics

Asana is very stakeholder friendly and breaks down barriers between technical engineering teams and business teams. When our stakeholders have questions, we can point them to a single source of truth for project status and a view of what we’re currently prioritizing.

Meg Adler

Program Manager, Spotify


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Bring emails, files, tickets, and more into Asana with 260+ integrations.

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Recognized as a leader by experts

Recognized as a leader by experts

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