Hire, onboard, and support your team with Asana

Asana is the easiest way for HR teams to track their work—and get results.

Asana is the easiest way for HR teams to...

Coordinate across teams

Manage cross-team projects, like candidate interviews, in Asana projects to keep everyone in the loop.

Streamline recurring processes

For processes you repeat, like new hire onboarding, create a template to use every time—and save time.

Centralize information

Keep everything from requests to internal resources in Asana to keep your team aligned.

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Stay on top of HR workflows

Whether it's tracking candidates, onboarding new hires, or housing internal resources, Asana helps HR teams manage all of their workflows and projects.

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New hire onboarding

Create a standard process for onboarding to make sure new employees feel welcome and have the critical info they need to be successful.

Interview questions

Collaborate with hiring managers and interviewers so everyone asks appropriate questions and candidates have a good experience.

Recruiting pipelines

Track candidates in Asana so team members have a quick and easy way to see who’s in the pipeline, a place to store contact info and resumes, and can follow the interview process.

Meeting agendas

Keep your meetings on track and make sure everyone is aligned on what to discuss and any next steps.

Work requests

Centralize all HR requests, standardize your fulfillment process, and organize work so your team can focus on the work that matters.

Internal resources

Keep all company reference materials, important information, and policies in one place so employees can easily find what they need when they need it.

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With Asana providing a clear trajectory for the work we do, we've become more disciplined in our decision making and have magnified the volume and velocity of our output. Our whole culture has become centered around clarity, timeliness, and speed. The difference has been remarkable.

Mark Arnoldy, Executive Director, Possible

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