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Why Asana?

Asana boosts day-to-day productivity for employees and increases employee satisfaction, according to IDC.¹

[Teams] 82% (stat) HR

increased employee satisfaction

34% less time on admin tasks

decreased time on admin tasks


increased on-time project completion

Focus on productivity, not paperwork

Increase HR efficiency by automating workflows, scaling processes, and consolidating important information.

[Teams] HR Coordinate across teams
Coordinate across teams

Seamlessly manage processes like position creation, coordinating candidate interviews, and fostering employee development.

Create better workflows
[Teams] HR - Streamline recurring processes
Streamline recurring processes

Free up time to focus on your most important work by automating tedious tasks and creating repeatable processes for everything from onboarding to payroll to performance evaluations.

Say goodbye to busywork
[Teams] HR - Centralize information
Centralize information

Keep your team aligned with a central spot for all internal resources, like company policies and benefit information.

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[Teams] HR - Stay on top of projects
Stay on top of projects

Manage all your HR initiatives in one place, from tracking candidates to onboarding new hires to training and development.

See the big picture
[Teams] HR - Track and fulfill requests
Track and fulfill requests

Streamline employee requests related to time off, leave, benefits, accommodations, training and development, and more.

Standardize your intake process

Source top talent

Move seamlessly through your hiring process—from recruiting and interviewing to onboarding and training—and set new employees up for success.

[Teams] HR - Streamline your interview process

Streamline your interview process

Bring recruiters, hiring managers, team members, and other stakeholders together to align on interview questions.

[Teams] HR - Keep track of candidates

Keep track of candidates

Quickly monitor candidates in the hiring pipeline and access important information, like contact details and resumes.

[Teams] HR - Get new hires up to speed

Get new hires up to speed

Make onboarding easy for employees with one central location for everything they need to get ramped quickly.

Image showing communications between the HR team

Go beyond onboarding

Run all of your HR processes in Asana, like employee training, performance evaluations, benefits administration, conference planning, and more.

Asana supports transparency and responsibility—everything we value in our culture. It helps us move faster, think bigger, and experiment with new ideas.
–Alexey BaranovCIO, The Soul Publishing
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I don’t want people to burn out. I want them to be good to each other and enjoy their time at work. Asana helps us do that.
–Brett GurewitzCEO, Epitaph Records
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With Asana providing a clear trajectory for the work we do, we've become more disciplined in our decision making and have magnified the volume and velocity of our output. Our whole culture has become centered around clarity, timeliness, and speed. The difference has been remarkable.
–Mark Arnoldy Executive Director, Possible
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Connect across all your tools

Connect across all your tools

With 260+ integrations, it’s easy to centralize HR information in one place.

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Recognized as a leader by experts

Recognized as a leader by experts

Frequently asked questions

Can I get started with Asana for free?

Try Asana for free for 30 days, no credit card required. Get started with a free Business trial, then follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

What Asana features are useful for HR teams?

Asana helps HR teams create scalable, streamlined processes. Whether you’re looking to automate your onboarding process, keep payroll operations running smoothly, or connect with distributed teams, Asana can help you do it. Here are just a few features to get you started:

  • Workflow builder: Visualize and build effective processes across teams. 

  • Automation: Automate manual, repeatable tasks—and spend more time on business-critical work.

  • Integrations: Connect your team to the tools that matter with more than 200 integrations.

What Asana integrations are useful for HR teams?

Asana connects with more than 200 integrations, making it easy to centralize HR information and work across teams. Take advantage of function-specific apps, like Zenefits and Lumos, or connect your teams to the apps they use every day, like Gmail, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

How can I get started quickly using Asana for my HR processes?

The easiest way to get started using Asana for your HR functions is to use one of our ready-made HR templates. Streamline common HR processes with our templates for employee onboarding, or make your way through the hiring process with our interview question template and candidate tracking template.

Build a winning team with Asana

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