Business strategy plan

Whether you're a small business or startup, or you need to refresh your business plan, our template will help you solidify your strategy.

A business plan tells the story of what your business strives to be and maps out the route you'll take to get there. It can be shared with investors, partners, and employees to build momentum and get buy in. There are many different components to include, and our template will help you tackle them so you can turn your ideas into a concrete plan.

Tips for planning your business strategy with our template

  • Document your strategy. Partners will want to get insight into your processes, expenses, and strategic thinking. Tracking these together in one place makes them easy to reference and update. Draft them in a task or attach any docs.
  • Invite partners and collaborators. Get partners involved in your strategy by sharing your plan in Asana and assigning them tasks to review or weigh in on anything. Then you can immediately action their feedback right from Asana.

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Small business, big goals

Coming up with your business strategy can be daunting, but Asana helps businesses of all sizes track and hit their goals. See how with a free trial.