Proposal for Office Kittens Deployment


1. Introduction

1.1 Goals

  1. Create shareholder value
  2. Maximize cuteness

1.2 Non-Goals

  1. Reduce server load and data storage requirements

2. Summary

We propose acquiring two small kittens, and installing them in the Asana office. The kittens are expected to frolic, take naps, cuddle with each other and other office occupants. It is also likely that they will engage in various acts of adorableness and displays of affection.

3. Alternative Solutions

A few alternatives were considered, and while they each have compelling benefits, were ultimately dismissed.

3.1 Office Llama


  • fun to say
  • could be used as short-range transportation


  • spits at people and/or monitors
  • may be difficult to bring up the stairs
  • may require having office rezoned as a farm

3.2 Office Killer Robot


  • provides strong security guarantees


  • will murder us all, possibly reducing shareholder value
  • increase our electricity usage

4. Design Considerations

4.1 Age

While younger kittens are cuter, they are also more helpless. We propose a target age of 12 weeks. See

4.2 Breed

The main consideration for breed is the potential for allergies. As there doesn’t appear to be hypoallergenic breed, we propose any short-haired breed. See

4.3 Gender

Studies show that female cats are less likely to cause allergies, so we recommend females.

4.4 Count

We recommend exactly two kittens. Since the cats will spend time alone in the office, having two would reduce the anthropomorphically projected boredom they experience. Having more than two risks having Asana be branded as a crazy cat lady, potentially reducing shareholder value.

5. Integration Plan

It’s our belief that the kittens will integrate seamlessly into the existing office infrastructure. Though it’s hard to foresee possible incompatibilities, there are countless examples of kittens being deployed in production. Furthermore, it’s our belief that kittens are specifically well suited to Asana’s existing investments.

5.1 Supporting Infrastructure

In order to support the deployment of Office Kittens, we will also need to deploy automated food and water delivery systems, as well as a waste removal system. These systems are relatively cheap, and several Asana employees have previous experience installing, operating, and maintaining them in production.

6. Internationalization Plan

Dude, they are cats.

7. Monitoring and Logging

There is currently no monitoring or logging plan, but it is possible that in the future we may want to set up video equipment either in the office, or on the cats themselves.

8. Security

It’s our belief that the kittens will provide a sufficient amount of security and no additional provisions will be necessary.

9. Additional Benefits

There is an existing body of evidence that suggests we can expect additional benefits from this deployment. Though it should be noted that most of it is anecdotal, and there have not been any peer-reviewed studies. That said, we might gain significant increases in efficiency across all our departments, from IT to accounting.

10. Authors

David Braginsky
Malcolm Handley

11. Revision History

0.1 Creation 02/16/2011 David Braginsky