A better online to-do list app for work

Asana makes it easier for a team to plan their work by using online to-do lists.

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A simple to-do list app that meets your team's needs

With Asana, make your to-do list as simple or detailed as you need. Then, tie the work back to larger projects, loop in teammates, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Do more than to-do list tasks

With Asana, you can also…

View and organize your to-do list for the day

See everything you need to do today in My Tasks — so you can prioritize and plan your day.

Add details to each task and put it in a project

Include descriptions, attachments, and due dates with your tasks so instructions and deadlines are clear.

Learn more about team calendars.

Get reminders about upcoming work

Get notified when to-dos are approaching their due date so nothing slips through the cracks.

Asana Boards

Map out each piece of work in a list, organize all of the details in one place, and manage tasks from start to finish.

Asana List

Organize your work like sticky notes on a Board that you can move through multiple stages quickly, easily, and beautifully.

Asana Calendar

Spot holes and overlaps in your schedule, and quickly make adjustments by viewing tasks and work on a calendar.

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Organize your team to-do list and increase productivity

Asana makes it easy to keep track of everything you have to get done — so you can focus on being productive.

Why Asana?

Teams that want results trust Asana

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We decided to give Asana a try. We were quickly able to eliminate the drudgery of sending update emails and reporting on progress in weekly meetings. Now, if I want to know what’s going on with a project or what the status of anything is, I just look at Asana and everything is instantly clear. Asana makes our process so much more efficient. It removes all the waste in communication.

—Rian Hunter, Software Engineer, Dropbox

Start managing your team to-do lists today

Say goodbye to all those post-it notes and hello to your new to-do list app.