Create your own team and project calendars

Asana is the easiest way for teams to plan, manage, and visualize their work via a shared team calendar.

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With Asana, team shared calendars are just one piece

View all of your team’s work in one calendar — so you know exactly who’s doing what by when and hit your deadlines every time.

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With Asana, you can…

Switch between calendars and lists

View tasks by due date on a calendar, or sort and filter them in list layout. Learn more about views.

See what your team’s working on

Use Advanced Search to view all the work and deadlines assigned to your team. Learn more about search.

Sync Asana with other calendars

Asana integrates with Google Calendars, iCal, Outlook, and more. Learn more about integrations.

Ways teams use Asana for online team calendars

Marketing calendars

Use Asana to organize calendars for editorial, social media, brand campaigns, and more. Keep track of important deadlines happening across marketing in one calendar by adding tasks to multiple projects.

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Event planning calendars

See every step of the event planning process — from paying the vendor, sending out the invites, and setting up for the big day. House them all in a calendar, so you know exactly when to do what.

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Project timelines

Plan product launches and sprints in Asana so you have a clear view of when every task is due. Easily shift resources and deadlines on the fly as priorities change.

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Team calendars

As a manager, you can use Asana to see what each person on your team is working on for the week. Use Advanced Search to see everyone’s work at once and download reports.

More company wide use cases
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A collaborative online team calendar for your projects

Get clarity on what your team is working on, when tasks are due, and how projects are progressing.

Teams that want results trust Asana

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Asana’s calendars have helped us visualize the work ahead, assess our team’s workload, and deliver projects on time. We can look out across the next few months or simply drill down into this week to make sure we’re on track to complete our goals.

—Bene Cipolla, Director of Editorial Operations, Birchbox

Create your first project online team calendar today

Asana is simple enough for any team to adopt, but powerful enough to run your entire company.