Understanding views

Use project Views in Asana to sort and filter your list of tasks, view tasks with due datesdue datesThe date that a task or subtask is due.Read more on a Calendar, or filter for only attachmentsattachmentsA file that is attached to a task or conversation.Read more.

You will find viewing options for each of the following list of tasks:

  • projectsprojectsProjects are lists of tasks.Read more
  • My TasksMy TasksAll tasks assigned to an individual can be found in their My Tasks list.Read more
  • Search ViewsSearch ViewsA Search View is a list of tasks or conversations that meet the criteria a user specifies in search.Read more

Updated view

Your project headerheaderThe header is part of the user interface between the top bar and the main pane and lets users navigate projects.Read more allows you to switch between six different Views.

  1. ListListDisplays your tasks in a list. List view is the default view for My Tasks, projects, and search views.Read more - this is the default View and displays tasks in a list view
  2. BoardBoardRead more - this View allows you to visually see your tasks column by column so you can visualize your workflow
  3. TimelineTimelineRead more - this View allows you to you to piece your plan together in a Gantt chart-style format, share it with stakeholders, and hit deadlines
  4. calendarcalendarLets you see tasks with due dates on a calendar. Users can use Calendar View on My Tasks, a project, a search view, or on a whole team.Read more - this View filters only tasks with due datesdue datesThe date that a task or subtask is due.Read more and displays them in a calendar format
  5. ProgressProgressRead more - this View displays information about a project and its progress, including status updatesstatus updatesA way to update project members on the progress of a project. Status includes a color (red, yellow, green) and short summary.Read more & a progress chartprogress chartA burnup chart that shows contrasts a project's incomplete and complete tasks over time.Read more
  6. FormsFormsRead more - this View collects the info your team needs and creates forms Read more

Click on More…to start conversations with Project Members and to view all files on the Task. All six views will appear in Projects, but only three of them (List, Calendar, and Files) will appear in your My Tasks and Search Views.

Save as default view

If there is a specific way you and your team prefer to sort tasks in a project, you can save it as the default view for everyone.

save as default view

To set a default view:

  1. Click the three dot icon in your project toolbar
  2. Select Save layout as default

Once a default view has been set, you will see it every time you access that project. You can do this for List/Board, Timeline or Calendar view.

Anyone who has access to a project can set the default view.

The right click menu

The right click menu appears when you right-click on the desktop or mouse.

right click

This menu gives you added functionality by offering you actions you can take with Asana features.

The right-click menu in Asana varies according to context - where and how the menu is accessed. The contents of the menu vary according to where you click and include only options which are relevant to the chosen area.

Asana views where right-click is supported:

  • Project pages
  • List tab (including sub-tasks)
  • Board tab
  • Timeline tab
  • Calendar tab
  • Task pane, sub-tasks
  • My Tasks
  • Search results / reports page
  • Calendar tab
  • List tab
  • Tag page
  • Team page, calendar tab
  • Portfolio
  • Workload tab
  • Timeline tab

Asana components that work with right click:

  • Tasks (including subtasks, milestones and approvals)
  • Conversations (in search views)

You can still access the default browser menu by holding Shift while right-clicking.

Watch the product tour: Project views

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