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What is a Kanban board?

You know that “do, doing, done,” board with all the sticky notes? Believe it or not, your coworker didn’t make that up. It’s a Kanban board; a visual way to plot out projects and workflows using columns and cards. Often used with Scrum or Agile management, it helps teams see progress and spot blockers. Create them online with Asana.

Why Asana

Why use a Kanban board?

Plot out workflows

Create a clear process and make sure tasks move through each stage.

Easily spot bottlenecks

Then optimize your workflow to help your team work faster.

Know where work stands

Visual cues help team members know if a task is ready to do or already done.

Work requests

Manage and review any incoming request, from creative assets to bugfixes, and assign them out to members on your team.


For workflows with a clear, linear flow, create a column for each stage and move tasks as they jump from step to step.

Product roadmaps

Plan your product roadmap and bucket each intiative into a column, so everyone on the team knows when they'll work on what.

InVision delivers successful marketing campaigns with Boards

To execute successful campaigns, the marketing team at InVision relies on Asana's Kanban boards. Not only do they keep everyone on track, but they’ve also made it easy for the team to develop and keep improving a planning and production process that’s tailored to their needs.

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