QBR meeting agenda

Try our template as a blueprint for your next QBR meeting to save time and set your team up for for success for the next one.

Quarterly business review (QBR) meetings showcase the impact and value of your team's efforts to both internal and external stakeholders. But it's not enough to just walk through a presentation. Engage your audience and make the most of your time together with a well-planned, accessible agenda. Starting with our template gives you a planning blueprint to save time beforehand. During the meeting, you can use it to track opportunities and action items to set you up for success by your next QBR meeting.

Tips for planning QBR meetings with our agenda template

  • Cover topics that matter most. Make sure you're covering relevant topics by getting attendees' input beforehand. You can collect it using a survey or form directly connected to your meeting agenda project.
  • Share your agenda beforehand. Keep the meeting on track before it even starts by sharing your agenda and updating it as needed. Make sure important documents are accessible and presenters know expectations.
  • Timebox agenda topics. Give presenters clear time limits to ensure you cover everything on your agenda within the allotted time and keep the conversation on track.
  • Track action items and questions. QBR meetings generate questions and opportunities for the future. Hit the ground running by creating tasks to track action items and questions as they arise, so you can follow up on them after the meeting wraps.

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Plan goals (and hit them)

Head into QBR meetings more prepared and leave them with clear plans to hit your most ambitious goals—all with Asana Premium.