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Asana's commitment to accessibility

See how we’re working to make Asana inclusive and accessible—so all teams can achieve their best results.

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Asana "My Tasks" dashboard with a screen reader window.

Our approach

We’re on a multi-year journey to bring our web app into conformance with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, with many fundamental user flows already conforming. 

Throughout the product development processes, we build and test across a diverse set of assistive technology users—including people who use screen readers, screen magnifiers, alternative navigation, and more.

Accessibility-focused features

Color-blind mode

Turn on color-blind mode and the app will color-map our existing palette to one that is color-blind accessible and put overdue task dates in bold.

Dark mode

Enable dark mode for a color scheme that uses a dark background with lighter text, so you can view Asana according to your own display preferences.

Adjusting zoom levels

Increase text size to maintain content readability while ensuring you don’t lose any visibility or functionality.

Confirmation pop-up management

Change the duration of temporary pop-up notifications for project-related activities so you don’t miss key information.

“Skip to main content” navigation

Skip the keyboard navigation noise and get right to the important parts of your project.

Accessibility is not about just checking boxes. It's about sitting down with the full range of disabled users and seeing what it's like...I'm a big fan of the work that the Asana design and dev team has done.

Kostantino (and Abide)

Fable accessibility tester (and his service animal)


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