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By getting requests out of email and using Asana to collaborate more effectively, we're able to save 60 hours a month and now spend that time on strategy instead of managing all the disparate pieces.”
Walter GrossSenior Director of Digital Marketing, Sony Music

Better collaboration means more time for strategy

Templatizing your processes, projects, and even your communication, can help you save time for the work that matters most.

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Asana’s integrated platform allows you to sync with your team across 200+ apps and tools. Build one, cohesive hub for all your marketing needs.

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Marketing templates

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Project documentation template banner image

Project documentation

Looking for documents is a giant time waster for most people—which is where a project documentation process comes in. Learn how to create a project documentation template so that you always know where documents live—for every project, company-wide.

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Scope management plan template banner image

Project scope management plan

A project’s scope is just as important as its budget or timeline. Prioritize this crucial part of project management by creating a project scope management plan template.

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Production schedule template banner image

Production schedule

Create a production schedule template to streamline your work and reduce delays. With a template, everyone is on the same production schedule.

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Process map template card image

Process map

Here's how digital process map templates can automate your business processes, so you can jump right into work.

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[Templates] Conference agenda

Conference agenda template

Plan your conference and track essential event details with a custom-built conference agenda template in Asana.

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30-60-90 day plan template banner image

30-60-90 day plan template

A strong onboarding process is essential to help new hires succeed. Create a 30-60-90 day plan template to guide new hires through their first 3 months.

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Project charter template banner image

Project charter template

Want to nail your next project pitch? Create a project charter template and outline everything you need to get your next initiative approved.

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Asset management template banner image

Asset management

Every large company is filled with valuable assets—from your most trusted team members to things you don’t even think about. Keep tabs on all company assets by tracking, overseeing, and managing them with an asset management template.

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Product Launches template banner Card Image

Product launch

How can you hit product launch deadlines, connect cross-functional teams, and see launch updates all in one place? With a product launch template.

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Web production process template banner image

Web production template

Let our template help you coordinate a web production schedule—even if producers and web developers work out of different tools.

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Critical path method template banner image

Critical path method template

Project delays holding you back? Create a critical path method template to visualize everything that needs to be done in order to reach your end goal.

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Action items template article banner image

Action items template

No matter your best intentions, you need more than motivation to knock out your to-dos. An action item template—where you decide the who, what, and when of every task—can help you organize your workflows and get more done.

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