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With our event template, you get a checklist that you can also manage on a timeline, invite vendors to, and communicate with your team in.

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Tips for getting started with our event planning template

Event planning is stressful. With dozens of deadlines and details to track, it’s easy for something to slip, putting your event at risk—especially if you’re managing your event checklist in several tools. While a detailed event planning spreadsheet can sometimes help, using Asana’s event planning template maximizes your team’s productivity and clarity.

  • Budget, track, and check everything off your list. With our free event planning template, you have a guide for every step of the event planning process. Budget for your event before it starts, create an actionable event planning checklist, and track tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Visualize your event plan on a timeline. When it comes to effective event planning, you don’t just need to know when every task needs to be finished—you also need visibility into what tasks are dependent on others. Catch any dependency conflicts before they start to keep your event on track.

  • Prevent miscommunication and silos. Make event coordination a breeze by sharing progress right from the template. Instead of calling more meetings and pinging teammates for updates, get everyone (and everything) on the same page.

  • Proactively manage vendor and guest relations. Turn emails into actionable tasks with our Outlook and Gmail integrations. That way, you can collaborate with anyone—even if they’re not in Asana.

  • Access plans no matter where you are. Share your event planning checklist with employees on-site or on-the-go. Our event planning template helps you create a plan that’s accessible through your computer or offline with the Asana mobile app.

Examples of event-based work you can coordinate with Asana

New to event planning in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do I plan an event? No matter what type of event you’re planning, you need to manage several moving pieces without dropping the ball. That’s why using a free event planning template is so helpful. Plan your budget, checklist, and overview in one place. Track pre-event tasks, pinpoint dependencies, and even manage your day-of schedule so your event runs smoothly.

  • What should I include in an event plan? Your event plan should cover both the big picture and the details. Make sure to create your event plan before you start working, so you can confirm all of the dates and deadlines are feasible. Align on a budget and a checklist of events. Then, track who’s doing what by when, so everything gets done on time.

With Asana’s event planning checklist as your source of truth, you can focus on managing unforgettable events. Get started with our event planning template today.

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