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Product marketing launch template

Don’t reinvent the wheel for every product launch plan. Keep goals and responsibilities clear, manage timelines, and more with our template.

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[Product UI] Product marketing launch project in Asana (timeline view)

Supercharge your next product launch with our product marketing launch template

Clear goals, messaging, and processes are essential for successful product launch plans. Yet many teams create their product launch checklist from scratch. With our product marketing launch template, your team has a tried-and-true way to keep launch details clear and cross-functional teams connected. Paired with the power of Asana, you’ll lead a winning launch.

  • Visualize your launch on a timeline. With Timeline, your team can pinpoint dependencies and scheduling conflicts before you start working. Share your product marketing launch plan with your entire team, so everyone is on the same page. Then, if any plans change, easily shift deadlines to keep your project on track.

  • Share goals and messaging. To coordinate a successful product launch, everyone on your team needs to be on the same page when it comes to your goals and messaging for the launch. With Asana as your central source of truth, every cross-functional team is working off of the same information.

  • Keep communication clear across teams. From big status updates, to questions about launch details, Asana is the place for communicating about launch work. No more long email threads—instead, view your progress in real time with status updates.

Elements of product marketing launches you can plan with Asana

  • Product launch strategy

  • Product launch timeline

  • Product launch calendar

  • New product launch

  • Pre-launch marketing plan

New to product marketing launches in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do I create a product launch marketing plan? Your product marketing launch plan should include details about your product launch strategy—like what your product messaging is, what channels you’ll be using, and what your goals are. Make sure your team has a central source of truth for this information, like our product launch plan template. Then, keep your project up to date so every stakeholder is on the same page. With great communication and coordination, you can successfully manage any product launch.

  • How do I market a product launch? Before you start developing your product marketing launch plan, make sure your team aligns on what your product messaging is. What need is your product solving, and where does it fit in the market? Then, communicate these goals and messaging by making them easily accessible from a central source of truth—like our product launch plan template. Clarify what marketing channels you’ll be using to amplify your launch, and how you’ll measure launch success.

Every product launch has a lot of moving pieces—so make sure your team has a great way of communicating and tracking all of the work you’re doing. Get started with our product marketing launch template today.

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