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Product launch template

How can you hit product launch deadlines, connect cross-functional teams, and see launch updates all in one place? With a product launch template.

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[Product ui] Product launch Gantt chart project in Asana (Timeline)

Hit every deadline with our product launch template

Product managers know all too well that planning product launches in spreadsheets and docs creates too many separate pieces to connect, coordinate, and update. Without an effective product launch checklist, you get stuck managing the details instead of the strategy—with a team that might not be on board. To keep your launch from feeling like a chaotic scramble, try our product launch template and keep these tips in mind:

  • Include the essential details and teammates. Once you’ve got your roadmap, share your product launch plan with all stakeholders to create a plan everyone’s bought into. Stakeholders can view projects in Timeline, Boards, Lists, or Calendar View, so everyone can see your product launch plan in the way that works best for them.

  • Keep your key product launch checklist and assets accessible. Every launch is chock-full of assets like specs, messaging, and product designs. But without a work management platform like Asana, those assets can get lost in the mix. Instead of working off old docs or pinging teammates for misplaced files, keep your assets in the same tool you use to manage work. Asana integrates with all of your favorite file-sharing software like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive, so you can access your files directly where work happens.

  • Provide regular updates. Instead of responding to ad-hoc questions or wasting time in meetings, share regular project status reports so everyone can stay up to date on relevant launch metrics. Create status reports without having to dig through spreadsheets and documents. With Asana, you can share real-time status updates in just a few clicks.

  • Spot timing conflicts before they happen. Set up our product launch template in Timeline, a Gantt-style view that helps you keep track of every task’s deadline and dependencies. As work shifts and deadlines get moved, easily spot and fix dependencies to keep your launch running smoothly.

Product launch elements you can plan with Asana

  • Product launch emails

  • New product launches

  • Product roadmaps

  • Product launch metric & reporting

  • Product launch calendars

New to product launches in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do you write a product launch plan? To write an effective product launch plan, start with our product launch template. Clarify the start and end date of different product launches, and use custom fields to clarify what stage each launch is at. In Asana, your product launch plan is more than a checklist—it’s a formula for success.

Instead of managing your product launch in documents and spreadsheets, create a central source of truth by planning with Asana. Get started with our product launch template today.

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