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The AsanaUP Returnship Program helps parents and caregivers who put their careers on pause get a jumpstart back into the workforce.

How it works
Throughout the program, Returners will receive training, mentorship and support needed to be successful while making an impact and doing real, meaningful work. At the end of the program, those who have demonstrated an ability to succeed will be considered for a full-time position.

Who can apply
The Returnship program at Asana is for professionals who have been away from work for two or more years, have relevant work experience to the role they’re applying for and are interested in rejoining the workforce. Whether you’ve stepped away to pursue personal passions or focus on other priorities, the Returnship program at Asana will help you ease back into work with confidence.

    Adrian Spanu Engineering Manager

    Taking part in the returnship program was a wonderful experience. Working with someone who had been out of the industry for some time helped provide some wonderful new perspectives for the team, and for me. I can't wait to welcome another returner in the future.

    Adrian SpanuEngineering Manager

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    Open Returnship positions

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