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Jumpstart your career with challenging, impactful work in a supportive environment

Our 12-16 week Internship Programs focus on bringing students currently studying at a college or university into our Engineering, Data Science, and Product Design Teams to develop and work on complex and challenging problems.

How it works
Paired with a mentor, you’ll work on real projects that affect our growing product everyday. Our teams are committed to your learning and growth and ingraining you in our hardworking and mindful culture. Our Interns work across our growing organizations including engineering, data science, product design, and brand design.

Who can apply
The Intern program at Asana is for students currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in a field related to the role you are applying for. This program will give you all of the tools you need to build a pathway to a full-time role!

    Janet Huang undefined

    When you're an Asana, it's person-first, role-second – I felt I was valued more for who I was rather than what I was doing, and that made me all the more eager to give my all in furthering the company's mission. Speaking of the mission, while working at Asana, I always got the vibe that I was working for some larger picture; I love how our product is not only enabling us Asanas to succeed but also enabling all kinds of teams scattered across the globe. From my experience, mentorship at Asana goes well beyond technical mentorship; as someone who has been grappling with personal themes like finding one's passion and maintaining relationships, my mentor was the fresh perspective I needed and the listener I had been looking for.

    Janet Huang

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    Open AsanaUP Internship positions

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