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Use Asana’s templates to standardize how teams manage customer relationships. Grow faster, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
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Triple-digit growth is a lot for any organization, but for one of our size, with 15 years of history, it’s very rapid. With Asana, our client success team can take on three times the number of clients per rep compared to the other business units."
Kevin WeissVP of Client Success, Skai

Serve more clients, faster

Optimize how your customer success team works. Build out ideal processes, then standardize them with templates.

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Centralize customer information

Keep track of customer conversations, even when they happen on different tools. With 260+ app integrations, you can capture sales updates, customer data, and more—all in one place.

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Take care of your customers

Build a consistent customer experience with Asana templates. Standardize how teams serve and interact with clients, so you can always provide best-in-class service.

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Customer success templates

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1:1 meeting template banner image

1:1 meeting

Build trust and encourage collaboration with a 1:1 meeting template. Keep track of agenda items, meeting notes, and next steps in one place.

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Freelancer management template banner image

Freelancer management template

Assign, review, and track assignments in one central location with a freelancer management template.

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Change request form template card image

Change request form

You can’t predict change, but you can plan for it. Get the information you need to execute changes, so you can stay adaptable no matter what happens.

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Team Goals Planning Example template card image

Team goals planning template

Get all the steps you need to draft goals, gather input, and put your objectives to the test.

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Project closure template card image

Project closure template

Endings are important. Create a project closure template to help your team tie up loose ends and finish their projects with confidence.

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Project reporting template card image

Project reporting

Stay on top of your project’s performance. Keep everyone on the same page about what’s been completed and where your project is headed.

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Risk register template card image

Risk register template

Create a risk register template to proactively identify and solve potential roadblocks before they become a bigger problem.

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Kanban board template article banner image

Kanban board

Visualize your workflow with a Kanban board template. Quickly see the stage and progress of each task, so your team knows exactly what’s on track—and what needs attention.

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Program roadmap template banner image

Program roadmap

Create a program roadmap template and know the exact structure of each program, how they operate, and their future plans—company-wide.

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Project tracker template banner image

Project tracker template

Learn how to create a project tracker template, because it’s easier to coordinate projects across teams when everyone in the company tracks them the same way.

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Weekly schedule template banner image

Weekly schedule

Don’t just track your weekly to-dos. Organize and schedule your tasks so you can always get your highest-impact work done. Learn how to create a weekly schedule template in Asana.

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Prioritization matrix template card image

Prioritization matrix

Take the guesswork out of task prioritization by creating a prioritization matrix template. Prioritize your work by business impact and needed effort.

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