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From tracking every tweet, post, and story to getting a high-level overview of your strategy, do it all with our social media calendar template.

Tips for managing your social media content with our social media calendar template

With so many social media channels to juggle, and new ones emerging all the time, creating and managing a social media editorial calendar can be overwhelming. How do you properly set up your social media marketing and ensure every post is on point before publishing? Asana helps you visualize your entire lineup of social content, reschedule on the fly, and collaborate easily.

To get started with social media management, try our social media calendar template and the following tips:

  • Create and manage a clear publication schedule. The Asana social media calendar template helps you gain clarity on which posts are going out when and on what channels. Map out each post, clarify what social media channel you’ll be publishing on, and set your social media marketing plan. Then, easily share your calendar with stakeholders so they know your publication schedule, too.
  • Make scheduling posts a breeze. Simply drag and drop tasks into the right date to schedule them on our social media calendar template. Use custom fields to clarify what channel you’ll be posting on.
  • Take action on trends faster. With a clear schedule and organized social media management strategy, you can quickly jump on new trends or topics as they emerge so your brand doesn’t miss out on a moment.
  • Cut the back and forth. Create and publish social content and visuals faster by assigning, reviewing, and approving work in one spot. Easily assign tasks to team members so everyone knows who’s doing what by when on the calendar.

Examples of social media calendars you can plan with Asana

  • Social media content calendar
  • Social media posting template
  • Social media strategy template
  • Social media editorial calendar
  • Social media planner

New to social media calendars in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • Why do I need a social media calendar? Like an editorial calendar, a social media calendar can help you schedule, track, and manage your social media workflows. By keeping all of your information in one place, you can track every post while also getting a high-level overview of your social media strategy.
  • How do I create a social media calendar? With our social media calendar template, you can easily track all of your upcoming social posts, capture any new ideas, and look back on past social posts. With sections like “Ideas,” “Scheduled this week,” and “Later this month,” you will always have visibility into what’s coming next.
  • What should be included in a social media calendar? Your social media calendar should help you track every post going out on any of your social media platforms. Include what channels you’ll be posting on, any images you’ll be including in the post, any @mentions or hashtags you should include, and when you’ll be posting.

A social media calendar can help you keep your brand relevant, engage your audience, and kick-start your next viral campaign. Organize your workflow with our social media calendar template today.

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