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Keep moving pieces on track, hit deadlines, and launch your best marketing campaign yet with this campaign management template.

Launch a stellar campaign with our marketing campaign management template

No matter what kind of marketing campaign you’re managing, your marketing team needs a clear plan and great execution to make it a success. But with so many moving pieces to manage—deadlines, creative assets, stakeholder feedback—how do you make sure nothing falls through the cracks? With our marketing campaign management template, you can manage and execute your campaign in one place, from kickoff to launch. Try these tips to launch your best campaign yet:

  • Share a central source of truth. Before you kick off work, share your campaign brief with your goals, metrics, and timeline so everyone’s on the same page from the start.
  • Break down briefs into tasks. Move from campaign planning to execution by creating a task for every piece of work in your marketing brief. Assign those tasks an owner and a deadline, so everyone knows who’s doing what by when.
  • Visualize your campaign schedule. Once you’ve set due dates for every task in your marketing campaign plan, you can view your plan in a Calendar or Timeline to track how you’re progressing towards launch day. Spot dependencies, adjust your plan as dates shift, and make sure you hit your deadlines.

Examples of marketing campaigns you can plan with Asana

  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns

New to marketing campaigns in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is a marketing campaign? A marketing campaign is a coordinated set of activities to promote a product, service, or idea. It includes your plan for what assets your team will create, how you’ll share them with your audience, and what your marketing goals are for the product or initiative you’re launching. Your marketing campaign should include a marketing brief, which outlines the goals, timeline, budget, bill of materials, and channels you’ll be pursuing. With our marketing campaign management template, you can track all of your work in one place, so you can launch your best marketing campaign and make sure no work falls through the cracks. Learn more about how to manage marketing campaigns with Asana in our guide.
  • How do you write a campaign summary? A marketing campaign summary, sometimes known as a marketing brief, is a list of all of the channels, content, goals, budget, and creative your team needs for an upcoming marketing campaign. Turn your campaign summary from a static document into a dynamic list of tasks with due dates with our marketing campaign management template. Track exactly what your team is working on, what stage it’s at, and when it’s due.
  • How do you structure a marketing campaign? Before you dive into the details, make sure to establish your marketing campaign’s goals, strategies, and key messages. You'll also want to set your budget and define how you’ll track success. Then, create your marketing campaign summary, which should include the specific assets and creative your team will be creating for your marketing campaign.

Asana can help your marketing team align on goals, simplify your work, and hit your most ambitious marketing goals. Learn more about Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams or get started with our marketing campaign management template today.

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