Sales pipeline

Sales teams looking for a lightweight way to track pipeline progress and action items on specific accounts can try this template.

Managing your pipeline effectively isn’t only about growing it, but also maintaining the opportunities that already exist. Our template provides an easy way to keep track of account data, notes, and action items to keep everything moving forward—all in one place. With lots of different views, you can home in on timelines, top accounts, or at-risk opportunities. Asana is flexible enough for sales teams of all sizes to help build and grow their pipeline.

Tips for managing your sales pipeline with our template

  • See your pipeline in different views. Our template can be viewed as a board, timeline, calendar, or list that you can filter by opportunity size, priority, type, account owner, and beyond.
  • Track follow-ups and notes with tasks. Traditional CRMs can make it hard to track action items with the rest of your work. Instead, you can store notes and track follow-ups all in Asana.
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration. Sometimes it takes a village to move opportunities forward. Make cross-functional collaboration easier by adding other teammates you partner with to your pipeline project.

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