New hire checklist for managers

Before new employees start, managers need to prepare for their arrival. This checklist ensures you're ready—even before day one.

Standardize onboarding with our new hire checklist template

So much effort goes into finding the best candidate that when you actually find them, you sometimes have to scramble to prepare for their arrival. Depending on which team you lead, that onboarding process might look different, causing inconsistent experiences across your company. Our new hire checklist template helps managers standardize and speed up the onboarding process. Try it with these tips:

  • Standardize your onboarding process. With a consistent, customizable plan, hiring managers can be confident that they’re giving their new employee what they need to succeed. Start with our new hire checklist template, then customize it to include your team’s specific training, documentation, or needs.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teammates. Onboarding a new hire usually involves working across several departments to ensure everything is in place. Organize responsibilities, due dates, and attachments by tracking all of those tasks in your new hire checklist, in addition to adding them to other active Asana projects.

How to prepare for your new hire with Asana

New to new hire checklists in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is a new hire checklist? A new hire checklist is a helpful list of everything a manager needs to do to prepare for a new hire’s first days or weeks on the team. With a new hire checklist, you can make sure you’re tracking every action item and to-do you need to prepare for your new hire.
  • What is the focus of a new hire checklist? A new hire checklist should include the prep work, announcements, and actionable items managers need to do in order to prepare for their new hire. New hire checklists help standardize the onboarding process across your company, so every manager knows what they need to prepare for their new hire. Start with our new hire checklist template, which includes the basics every manager needs to get started. Then, customize the checklist to include any team-specific meetings, training, or reminders.
  • Why use a new hire checklist? A new hire checklist ensures that every new hire is getting the same onboarding experience, and that managers aren’t missing important steps or paperwork during the hiring process. With a new hire checklist, you can also make tasks feel actionable and ensure all high-priority onboarding tasks are completed on time.
  • What should a new hire packet include? Your new hire packet should include any applicable company-wide documentation, as well as team-specific needs. For example, every new hire should receive all the necessary HR paperwork they need for onboarding. You’ll also likely want to include a first day schedule and details about the technology setup they will be receiving from your company. To help make the new hire packet feel more welcoming, include fun company tips, invitations to team lunches, and little quirks like jokes or stickers.

Create an effective onboarding process so both your managers and new hires can have the best onboarding experience. Get started with our new hire checklist template today.

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