Dustin Moskovitz is the co-founder of Facebook and was a key leader within the technical staff, first in the position of CTO and then later as VP of Engineering. Dustin attended Harvard University as an Economics major for two years before moving to Palo Alto, California to work full-time at Facebook.

Justin Rosenstein last worked at Facebook as a tech lead and engineering manager on projects from presence solutions for businesses to back-end site-performance to front-end abstractions. Prior to that, he was a product manager at Google for three years, leading projects in Google’s communication and collaboration division. Before that, he majored in math and got part way through a master’s in computer science at Stanford.

Malcolm Handley worked at Google on Android, focusing on its support for syncing data with the Internet, after working on Google Earth and Mobile Maps. Prior to that he studied computer science in New Zealand and then worked at

Greg Slovacek worked at Google on vertical search experiences within Calendar and Maps, in addition to working on Flu Trends and the accounts system. He was previously an engineer at and studied computer science at Brown University.

Jerry Sparks is Asana’s first non-technical hire. She began as Coordinator, then started the User Operations team, and went on to found the Customer Success Team at Asana. She currently runs the Customer Success Program with her teammate, Yevgeniya. Jerry has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stanford University.

Jack Heart previously worked on the Data Team at Yelp, where his favorite project was Review Highlights. Jack met Justin as a fellow math major and passionate intellectual at Stanford and then connected with Dustin and Justin at Burning Man a few years later. The rest is ♥.

Stephanie Hornung has almost 10 years experience in User Experience Design in freelance and startup environments, with expertise in user interface, graphic design and illustration. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Information from UC Berkeley.

Donnie Thompson has a passion for food and strives to use organic, local, and seasonal ingredients whenever cooking. He has spent time honing his culinary skills at luxury restaurants and resorts in San Diego, Alaska and most recently in Lake Tahoe. He is a classically trained chef earning his degree in culinary arts from the Art Institute of California, San Diego.

S. Alex Smith came to Asana from Facebook, where he was on the Data Science team and worked primarily on machine learning. Alex holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA.

Jackie Bavaro loves product management and loves building software to help people work together better. After double majoring in computer science and economics at Cornell, she started at Microsoft where she launched collaboration features like blogs and wikis for SharePoint, and then joined Google's APM program working on search.

In 2013, she published Cracking the PM Interview to help get more people, especially non-traditional candidates, into product management.

Read her product management blog at

David Braginsky joins Asana from Facebook, where he worked on a variety of projects including newsfeed infrastructure, large scale machine learning, and mobile. Prior to Facebook, he worked as a software engineer and tech-lead at Google, as well as numerous startups. He studied computer science at UCLA and Stanford.

Kenny Van Zant was the SVP and Chief Product Strategist for SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), where he helped pioneer the bottom-up model for selling software and SaaS into enterprises and SMBs. Previously, Kenny was EVP of Marketing and GM of Communications for Motive (NASD: MOTV), and the co-founder of BroadJump. Kenny has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas.

Andrew Watterson worked at Meebo, making personality-ful products that let people stay close to the people they’re close to. His superpowers are wireframing, prototyping, making things look cool in CSS3, and holding three-hour design reviews debating margin sizes and button wording. On paper, Andrew went to college for Digital Media Design at UPenn; in life, he can be plied with a slinky, a crossword, and a rousing discussion about philosophy.

Jerold A. Blain served two years as the Coordinator for Asana and now oversees our Facilities. He has a master of arts degree from the University of California, Davis and a bachelor of arts degree from Stanford University.

Tim Bavaro came to Asana from Palantir, where he was an engineering team lead and focused on data retrieval, platform development, and scalability on the finance product. Tim studied computer science and operations research at Cornell.

Bella Kazwell came to Asana from Google, where she was a tech lead on the Gmail team focusing on Google+ integration. Bella holds a bachelors degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. Bella loves exploring San Francisco with her husband Adam and her son Coby, while also figuring out how to be a working mom.

Konstantin Azarov joined Asana from Google Europe, where he was a Site Reliability Engineer for Google's geo and search products. Prior to Google, Konstantin lived in Moscow, working on flight simulators.

Ryan Pittington managed the mobile and privacy teams in User Operations at Facebook. He spent a year traveling, writing, and meditating before becoming the second member of Asana's User Operations team. Ryan has a B.A. in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz.

Kim Pak enjoys every aspect of the culinary spectrum. From making cocktails to creating culinary delights, her love for food and passion to create something new is endless. She has her AA in Culinary Management and BS Degree in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of California, San Diego.

Michael Spradlin was Asana's first sales hire. He came to Asana from Google, where he worked as a sales engineer in Google Enterprise. Michael has a BS in Psychology from Michigan State University.

Rachel Miller came to Asana from MIT, where she received a MS in computer science. Previously, she received bachelors degrees in computer science and physics, and a MA in mathematics, all from the University of Virginia. Rachel's favorite things include introspection, enthusiasm, and positivity.

Nick Riggall comes to us from Rice University where he studied Philosophy, Contemplative Practices and Theater. Before joining our User Operations team, Nick worked in Patent Law and Nanotech. He loves longboarding around SF, dancing, and aspires to own a Corgie.

Justin Krause works on marketing, operations, and data at Asana. Before Asana, he worked in finance and (separately) built an online dating site. He graduated from Penn in 2009 with a degree in business.

Jennifer Nan comes to Asana from Microsoft where she worked as a Program Manager on the Windows 8 core user experience. Prior to that she was a business intelligence PM for Windows 7. Jennifer attended Harvard University where she majored in Earth and Planetary Sciences and minored in Computer Science. She enjoys rock climbing, ultimate, and urban hiking.

Alex Davies came to Asana from Red Gate in England, where he designed and wrote tools for developers. Before that he studied Computer Science at Cambridge University.

Cliff Chang joins Asana from Facebook, where he was an engineer on the Ads team. Before Facebook, he studied Computer Science at Caltech, where he was active with student government and theater.

Jim Renaud most recently worked as a Designer helping brands and agencies understand Facebook. Prior to Facebook, he brought 10 years of design experience to his own design consultancy working with clients like Mozilla, ADP, SmartyPig, ESPN and Orbitz. He loves his 3 kids- Maya, Luke and Miles and puts up with his wife's dog, Junior.

Josh Smith began as one of Asana's first summer interns. After completing his studies in computer science at Johns Hopkins University, he has returned to our engineering team. Josh loves to go white water kayaking.

Kelsey Aroian is a member of Asana's marketing team. Previously, she worked to build community at Impact HUB Bay Area and spent time traveling in the Middle East and Asia and living on a veggie-oil powered school bus. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Political Science and loves potlucks, succulents and the saxophone.

Isaac Wolkerstorfer has previously worked as a software engineer and front-end tech lead at Yahoo!, working on social products and platforms such as 360, Mosh, and Profiles. During his time in the SF Bay Area, he co-founded one ill-fated start-up, OpenHive, a service for bringing personal, physical libraries into the social age. After moving back home to Berlin, he worked at 6Wunderkinder as CTO during the development of Wunderkit. Isaac holds a BA in computer science from the University of Chicago.

Ed Park was previously Director of Finance at Facebook responsible for debt and equity financings since 2007. During that time he also built and led the financial planning & analysis team. Prior to Facebook, Ed worked at Yahoo! in the M&A and business strategy groups. Ed graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Economics.

Farbod Forouzin comes from FB where he served as one of the original members of the Executive Search team. Formerly, he drove the Tech Leadership recruitment effort for Yahoo! and led Engineering and Marketing recruitment for IronPort. His career spans the globe from Silicon Valley to South India, companies very small to very large, and industries varying from EDA, Semiconductor, Networking, Enterprise Software to Social Consumer Web.

Andy Stoe was the Head of HR at Rockmelt responsible for talent acquisition and employee performance management. During that time he also built the recruiting team and developed a university recruiting program. Prior to Rockmelt, he worked for eBay based out of Switzerland implementing an internal recruiting model across Europe. Andrew has a BS in Business Administration from University of San Francisco.

Vanessa Koch began her design career in Pittsburgh where she launched a city-wide campaign to close the gender wage gap. Across the Pacific, she developed a treatment system to monitor glucose levels for Taiwanese diabetes patients. Since then, Vanessa has designed products, campaigns, and identities for brands ranging from Disney to Discovery Channel. She studied design at Carnegie Mellon University.

Emily Kramer joins Asana from Ticketfly, where she led digital and product marketing. Previously, she worked in product marketing at and was a media planner and campaign manager at Universal Mccann. Emily has a BA in Economics and Art History from Tufts and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Josh Torres helped grow Support at Square before building Support at SeatMe from scratch. He's bringing his startup experience and spirit, and his love of food, fun, and music to User Operations at Asana. Josh has a BA in English from Northeastern University. Find him online @joshtorres

Josh Pritchard joins Asana after a short stint as a securities trader. Before that, he spent four years at Facebook in various analytical and technical roles. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford.

Britney Heredia joins us as Office Coordinator from Google where she worked in People Technology & Operations and Product Management Staffing. In her previous roles, Britney was responsible for a plethora of HR-related processes including interview coordination, benefits administration and even helped launch background checks for Google in several international locations. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications and loves discussing pretty much any type of music with people.

Kris Kazlowski joins Asana's data team after a few years in finance, trading equity options and performing data analysis. Before that, he studied Applied and Computational Math at Caltech. He loves live music, craft beer, and spicy food.

Marco Gallotta previously worked on user analytics, infrastructure and other projects at mobile gaming startup Loki Studios until they were acquired by Yahoo!. Joining Asana as the second engineer from South Africa, Marco works on data problems.

Graham Williams joins the UO team at Asana fresh from Rice University, where he studied economics and Mandarin. He balances his spare time between producing electronic music, attending shows, and savoring the sweet goodness of spicy foods.

Caitlin Bevan came to Asana from the gateway to the west, where she was working in sales and client management for an insurance carrier and studying part time towards her MBA at Washington University. She holds a Bachelors in Spanish and Teaching from Bowdoin College. Her passions include skiing and spending time with her dogs, Bart and Biscuit.

Joey Dello Russo has a background in storytelling that spans the advertising, television, and technology industries. His passion for documentaries landed him most recently at live video site, Ustream. He holds a degree in Film & TV Production from NYU, and is beyond thrilled to share stories of people doing great things.

Brian Boroff joins Asana from Apple where he spent five years leading teams in multi-channel and peer-to-peer support. Previously he worked as a Motorola Fellow and Research Scholar and as a consultant in the telecommunications and technology industries for Analysys and Accenture. Brian has a BS in Business from Cal Poly SLO and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Melanie Epling joins Asana from Rockmelt, where she worked in recruiting and HR. Prior to that, she studied Business Administration and Religion (separately) at USC in Los Angeles and University of Melbourne in Australia.

Janardan Yri loves free-range philosophy, aspirational mindsets, and experiences rich in encoded intentionality. When he grows up he wants to be an elephant roaming the vastness. Until then, he works to extend your awareness and sense of self through your pocket computer.

Annie DuBois joins Asana from Foursquare, where she worked on infrastructure and on monetization. Before that, she studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Daniel Phan comes to Asana from Foursquare, where he worked on Growth and Android. He has interned at Google and Amazon and studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. He and Annie are the proud dogparents of Ellie, the Golden Retriever.

Tyson Kallberg came to Asana by way of Vancouver, where he's been designing mobile apps for some of North America's biggest brands since the introduction of the App Store. When he's not designing, he's likely holed up at home doing something terribly nerdy.

Chris Pak joins the infrastructure team at Asana from his previous job at Guardian Analytics, where he worked on the server/backend team. He graduated from Stanford and enjoys paragliding and almost anything involving being outside.

Beth Toland came to Asana from ModCloth, where she led major UX research initiatives for the product team. Prior to that, she helped establish the design research disciplines at Marriott International and Revolution Health. Beth holds degrees in art history/museum studies and graphic design. Nerdy hobbies: collecting vintage games and rare books.

Phips Peter came to Asana from LinkedIn, where he worked on Influencers and content distribution. Phips has a BA in Political Science and Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Frank Mayfield joins Asana from a software startup where he focused on developing sales processes and expanding enterprise-level market share in the US and Canada. A music fiend, he spends free time writing about new artists and live shows. Frank holds a BA in International Relations from California State University, Chico.

Molly Lynn joins Asana's recruiting team from Santa Barbara, California where she graduated from UCSB and then worked as the fulfillment manager at Local Market Launch, a startup in downtown Santa Barbara. Molly loves swimming, hiking, animals and burritos.

Niranjan Ravichandran comes to Asana from the mobile team at LinkedIn where he initially worked on the iPhone and Android clients and most recently led server engineering for tablet products. Prior to that he worked on graphics software at Nvidia & Apple and graduated with a MS in Computer Science from UCLA. He loves playing tennis & soccer.

Reigan Combs joins Asana’s marketing team from American Express, where she worked on digital partnership innovations and product marketing. She studied marketing and management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Being from Nashville, Tennessee she loves music (although not a huge country fan), sweet tea, and cooking.

Yevgeniya Goykhman joins Asana's Customer Success team from DoubleDutch, where she worked with a wide array of clients to produce custom event apps. Prior to that, Yevgeniya managed the Tradeshows and Events program at JOBY, a disruptive consumer goods company. For fun, she enjoys playing any sport that involves a racket, partaking in culinary adventures, and tending to her veggie & herb garden.

Sam Goertler joins Asana from Yammer, where she worked as a Product Manager for growth features and mobile apps. She's passionate about wellness and making the work world a better place.

Wade Yoder came to Asana from JRDN restaurant in Pacific Beach where he was the Executive Sous Chef and sous chef of Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop before that. Food is passion and creating smiles is a love. Wade brings 13 years experience to the table to help Asana achieve its goals.

Vincent Siao was one of Asana's interns on the Product team, and now works at Asana fulltime. Previously, he was an intern at Facebook on the team building abstractions and reusable components for user interfaces. He studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, where code is art and functions are values.

Rotem Lenchner joins Asana's User Operations team from Apple, where she worked as a Support Leader for 4 years. Rotem has a BS in Marketing and minor in English Literature from the University of San Francisco. She loves animals and enjoys all things creative from writing poetry to taking photos.

Tom Brow joins Asana's mobile team after five years of developing apps for various clients. Before that he worked for Google and Lytro, and studied computer science at Stanford.