Nonprofit board meeting agenda

Bad meetings can happen to nonprofits with good intentions. Nonprofits can turn to our template to drive meetings (and their mission) forward.

Tips for planning your nonprofit board meeting with our template

Nonprofit board members often serve in addition to full-time jobs. So when you can show up to a board meeting prepared—without coordinating through email and spreadsheets—imagine the time you can save and impact you can create throughout the nonprofit. By getting started with our template, you can plan more effective meetings and make action items clear. Work management tools like Asana can help nonprofits get better organized and save time, leaving them to do the work that really matters, with the resources they already have. Learn how:

  • Share the agenda. Meetings fail when it’s not clear what needs to be discussed and why. Our template gives you an organized structure that’s easy to share and add agenda items to.
  • Track action items that arise. Nothing’s worse than discussing what needs to happen next, only to leave the meeting and forget those to-dos. Asana keeps teams accountable and shows who needs to do what by when.
  • Store important information. Use your template to store important reference information, such as reference docs, past meeting minutes, bylaws, and committee reports all in one place. No more lost email attachments!

Help nonprofits make a bigger impact by taking one small step. Take advantage of Asana’s work management software and our people to better coordinate across your teams, donors, and volunteers.

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