All company meeting

From setting the agenda to collaborating on the presentation, make sure you’re prepared before you present with this all hands meeting template.

How to plan and mange your all hands meeting with our template

Staff or "all hands" meetings are critical for keeping communication open across your entire company, and making sure everyone is up to date on business goals and objectives. They’re a space to share everything from updates to your HR handbook to announcements about a new product launch, but also a way to foster collaboration, transparency, and alignment. So, naturally, planning these meetings is critical as well. To make sure your next meeting goes off without a hitch, use the all company meeting agenda template above and the following tips:

  • Break your meeting out into key themes. Make sure your meeting has a clear agenda by breaking it up into categories such as results and strategies, highlights from the past quarter, project updates, or new initiatives. Also leave room to celebrate achievements.
  • Appoint a moderator and speaker for each theme. Then, let them know what they’re responsible for and how much time they have to speak in advance of the meeting.
  • Set a timeline for your meeting prep. You’ve got your meeting on the books, but do you also have a due date for setting the agenda? Or wrapping up slides? Make sure everyone involved in planning knows what prep work they’re responsible for and by when.
  • Share your agenda and ask for Q&A questions in advance. Before your meeting, share an overview of your agenda, and ask your employees to submit questions. That way, you’ll all enter the meeting with a shared understanding of what you should get out of it.

After you’ve developed a template for planning all company meetings, re-use it every time to get the process set up quickly, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Go even further by setting it up in Asana, and make your meeting planning a collaborative effort.

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