Product marketing launch

Don’t reinvent the wheel for every product launch plan. Keep goals and responsibilities clear, manage timelines, and more with our template.

Tips for planning product marketing launches with our template

Clear goals, messaging, and processes are essential for successful product launch plans. Yet many teams start from scratch or lose track along the way. Our launch template gives you tried and true steps that keep launch details clear and cross-functional teams connected. Paired with the power of Asana, you’ll lead a winning launch.

  • Plan your launch on a timeline before you start working to make sure you can hit your deadlines (and easily shift it if something comes up.)
  • Share goals and messaging. Teams can work off of the same information, easily share docs, and find all their work again when it’s in Asana.
  • Keep communication clear across teams. From big status updates, to questions about nitty gritty launch details, Asana is the place for communicating about launch work. No more long email threads.

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