Usability testing plan

With our usability testing plan, you can easily create and repeat processes to save time on setting up every research session.

User research and usability sessions are a key part of the development or marketing process to determine your audience's needs and what resonates. Conducting meaningful sessions requires lots of planning, hypothesizing, and preparation. Without following a consistent planning process, you lose time reinventing the wheel or risk inconsistent experiments and sessions, making the data harder to use. Instead, get started with our usability testing template to build a consistent process—so you can spend more time digging into results.

Tips for planning user research sessions with our template

  • Map out your planning phases. Before you conduct a session, you need to make sure to consider your hypothesis, participant requirements, and how you'll validate both. Start with our template, then further customize it to your needs.
  • Use a form to sign up participants. Create a simple form for participants to fill out to determine their eligibility. If you create the form in Asana, submissions will go straight to your planning project so you can see your participants and research plan in one place.
  • Turn insights into action. After completing your session, make sure you have a place to follow up on action items. By tracking, prioritizing, and sharing insights in Asana, you can assign actionable work and see trends over time so research sessions have maximum impact.

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