Pre-sales deal support

Make your sales deal process more efficient by improving accountability and collaboration with this template.

Sales deals can move at any pace, but with scattered information across tools and inefficient handoffs, they certainly won't move quickly. Instead, sales teams can improve the process with our template. The template makes it easy to invite cross-functional stakeholders, track action items, and connect Asana with tools like Salesforce. With a clear process, sales teams can deliver better customer experiences that ultimately close the deal.

Tips for managing sales deal support with our template

  • Follow best practices by saving your own templates. Long checklists in docs or spreadsheets get outdated and are hard to follow. Save your own custom template to make sure no steps get missed.
  • Create seamless handoffs between tools and teams. By connecting Salesforce and Asana, you can automatically kick off project creation when an opportunity opens.
  • Make responsibilities clear with assigned tasks. Assign tasks with due dates so it's clear who's tackling what to move the opportunity forward.

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